Current Issue: Summer 2019

In This Issue
Jordana Moore Saggese
Making Space

Artist’s Project
Deborah Roberts

C. C. McKee
“a salting of sorts”: Salt, Sea, and Afective Form in the Work of Deborah Jack

Namiko Kunimoto
Tactics and Strategies: Chen Qiulin and the Production of Urban Space

Kristy L. Ulibarri
Documenting the US-Mexico Border: Photography, Movement, and Paradox

Claire Grace
Notes on Difraction: Gabriel Orozco and Photography

Philip Kelleher
Paul Chan’s RE: The Operation: Empathic Portrait or Revenge Fantasy?

Nadja Rottner
Eduardo Costa, Oral Literature, and the Legacy of Noncochlear Sound

Huey Copeland on Darby English, 1971: A Year in the Life of Color; Miguel de Baca on Edward A. Vazquez, Aspects: Fred Sandback’s Sculpture, and Dawna L. Schuld, Minimal Conditions: Light, Space, and Subjectivity; Brais D. Outes-León on Michele Greet, Transatlantic Encounters: Latin American Artists in Paris between the Wars, and Harper Montgomery, The Mobility of Modernism: Art and Criticism in 1920s Latin America; and Paula Burleigh on Carnegie International, 57th Edition, exhibition and accompanying book.