Spring 2012, Vol. 71, No. 1

In This Issue

Katy Siegel, Art, History, and Criticicsm, 5

Artist’s Project

Allen Ruppersberg, PST: Before and After


Spring 2012

Andrew Perchuk, Thomas Crow, and Howard Singerman, Pacific Standard Time: A Preliminary Conversation, 8

Connie Butler, This is Art–These People Are Artists: Pacific Standard Time, Conceptual Art, and Other Momentous Events from a Local Point of View, 38

Jan Tumlir, Studio Crisis!, 58

Lucia Sanroman, PST Mexican American and Chicano Exhibitions Legitimize the Periphery, 76

Malik Gaines, City after Fifty Years’ Living: Differences in Relation, 88

Michael Ned Holte, Critical Distance: Pacific Standard Time and the History of Remembering, 106

Ken Gonzales-Day, From Postcards to Plaster Casts: The Image of Lynching in Kienholz’s Five Card Stud, 120

Lucy Bradnock Walter Hopps’s Los Angeles Pastoral, 126

Andrea Bowers, Suzanne Lacy, and Maria Elena Buszek, “Necessary Positions” in Feminist Art: A Conversation, 138



West of Center: Art and the Counterculture Experiment in America, 1965-1977, Chris Kraus, Video Green: Los Angeles art and the triumph of NothingnessL.A. Xicano, Alexandra Schwartz, Ed Ruscha’s Los Angeles, and Cecile Whiting, Pop L.A.:Art and the City in the 1960s; Sohl Lee on Melissa Chiu and Benjamin Genocchio, eds., Contemporary Art in Asia :A Critical Reader; Suzanne Hudson on David Raskin, Donald Judd; James Nisbet on Amanda Boetzkes, The Ethics of Earth Art; and Marla Stone on Romy Golan, Muralnomad:The Paradox of Wall Painting, 1927-1957