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Heather Cassils, After, 2014, 2,000-pound clay bash, remnant sculpture from the performance Becoming an Image, Buddies in Bad Times, Toronto, 2014
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Sexing Sculpture: New Approaches to Theorizing the Object

Jillian Hernandez and Susan Richmond

This forum, which originated as a panel at the 2013 Annual Conference of the College Art Association in New York, developed from the following question: how do sculptural practices uphold or, conversely, equivocate the certainties of gendered and sexual embodiment? … READ MORE

Senga Nengudi, R.S.V.P. 1, 1977/2003,  nylon mesh and sand, 10 pieces, dimensions variable. Museum of Modern Art, New York (artwork © Senga Nengudi; photograph provided by Thomas Erben Gallery, New York)
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Queer Formalisms: Jennifer Doyle and David Getsy in Conversation

Jennifer Doyle and David Getsy

This conversation took place via e-mail over the course of autumn 2013. David Getsy: The context of a group of essays on sculpture, sexuality, and abstraction prompts me to start this conversation by talking about how we both write about … READ MORE

Heather Cassils, Becoming an Image Performance Still No. 1, Edgy Women Festival, Montreal 2013  (artwork © Heather Cassils; 
photograph by the artist and Alejandro Santiago).
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Through the Looking-Glass, Darkly

Tina Rivers

Ken Johnson. Are You Experienced? How Psychedelic Consciousness Transformed Modern Art. New York: Prestel, 2011. 232 pp., 150 color ills., 10 b/w. $49.95 David S. Rubin, ed. Psychedelic: Optical and Visionary Art since the 1960s. Exh. cat. Cambridge, MA: MIT … READ MORE

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Art Journal Seeks Editor-in-Chief

The Art Journal Editorial Board invites nominations and self-nominations for the position of editor-in-chief for the term July 1, 2015–June 30, 2018 (with service on the Art Journal Editorial Board in 2014–15 as editor designate, and in 2018–19 as past … READ MORE