Fall 2012, Vol. 71, No. 3

In This Issue

Katy Siegel, Attention Deficit, 5


Fall 2012

Chris Balaschak, Planet of the Apes: John Szarkowski, My Lai, and The Animals, 6

Adele Nelson, Sensitive and Nondiscurive Things: Lygia Pape and the Reconception of Printmaking, 26

Pamela N. Corey,Crafted Sighs of Obsolescence: Tuan Andrew Nguyen’s Aesthetic Artifacts, 46

Bill Anthes, Ethics in a World of Strange Strangers: Edgar Heap of Birds at Home and Abroad, 58

Melissa Sue Ragain, “Homeostasis is Not Enough”: Order and Survival in Early Ecological Art, 78

Edward A. Vazquez, Fred Sandback’s Perspectives, 98


Atreyee Gupta on Iftikhar Dadi, Modernism and the Art of Muslim South Asia; Derek Conrad Murray on Amelia Jones, Seeing Differently: A History and Theory of Idnetification and the Visual Arts; Karen Schiff on Lynne Cooke, Karen Kelly, and Barbra Schroder, editors, Agnes Martin; and Sami Siegelbaum on Grant Kester, The One and the Many: Contemporary Collaborative Art in a Global Contencts