Mission Statement

The mission of Art Journal Open (AJO) is to provide an open-access digital journal for the visual arts, which presents artists’ projects, conversations and interviews, scholarly essays, and other forms of content from across the cultural field; to foster intellectual exchange through original work by artists, scholars, teachers, archivists, curators, critics, and other cultural producers and commentators;  to engage critically with twentieth- and twenty-first-century art and art history in national and global frameworks; and to prioritize material that makes meaningful use of its open-access, digital platform by employing multimedia formats and techniques. AJO’s open access engages a wide audience in North America and globally. 

Art Journal and Art Journal Open commit to representation across race, gender, sexuality, disability, and other meaningful forms of experience in our content, our membership as a board, and our appointment of editors as well as to the inclusion of a wide range of approaches, methods, and subfields of modern and contemporary art history and art practice. We intend to use institutional structures to transform the disciplines of art and art history rather than to maintain the status quo.  

Initiated in 2011 as an open-access affiliate of Art JournalAJO has been independently edited since 2014. Published on a rolling basis, AJO welcomes submissions from authors and artists worldwide and at any career stage. Each quarter, select material from Art Journal is published on AJO.