Community and Creativity at Residencies Near and Far: Chad Stayrook in Conversation with Caitlin Masley-Charlet

By Caitlin Masley-Charlet

Caitlin Masley-Charlet speaks with artist Chad Stayrook about his experiences at artist residencies around the world, the effects that residencies have had his artistic practice, and the development of Present Company, the artist-run space in Brooklyn that he cofounded.

Restructuring Place in Hawaiʻi: Jaimey Hamilton Faris and Margo Machida in Conversation with Sean Connelly and Lynne Yamamoto

By Jaimey Hamilton Faris and Margo Machida

Jaimey Hamilton Faris and Margo Machida speak with Hawaiʻi-born artists Lynne Yamamoto and Sean Connelly to discuss their sculptural works for the inaugural Honolulu Biennial, Middle of Now|Here (March 8–May 8, 2017). Connelly’s Thatch Assembly with Rocks (2060s) (2017) and Yamamoto’s Borrowed Time (2017) recognize the significance of locality and place in illuminating the enduring impact of entwined histories and shifting alignments among the native, local, and global.

Happyville in the Rearview: A Conversation between Joel Tauber and Pedro de Llano

By Pedro de Llano

Curator and art historian Pedro de Llano speaks with artist Joel Tauber about Tauber’s The Sharing Project (2012–16), an installation and film project that looks at the socialist Jewish community of Happyville (1905–1908) in South Carolina as a way to consider complex questions about social, political, and economic issues in today’s world.

A New Configuration: Marco Breuer in Conversation with Vanessa Kauffman

By Vanessa Kauffman

Artist Marco Breuer and Vanessa Kauffman, communications and outreach manager of Headlands Center for the Arts (Sausalito, California), discuss Breuer’s experiences as an artist-in-residence at Headlands and other residencies, and the way that the flexibility and differences in the studio set-up at each residency creates opportunities for new discoveries.

Root and Ramble: Kija Lucas and Amy Cancelmo in Conversation

By Amy Cancelmo

Amy Cancelmo, art programs director at Root Division (San Francisco, California), speaks with artist Kija Lucas about her experiences as an artist-in-residence at Root Division and other residencies, and her cross-country travels to work on her projects In Search of Home and Objects to Remember You By: An Index of Sentiment .

Outside of Time: Patricia Fernández Carcedo in Conversation with Vanessa Kauffman

By Vanessa Kauffman

Vanessa Kauffman, communications and outreach manager for Headlands Center for the Arts (Sausalito, California), speaks with artist Patricia Fernández Carcedo about her experiences as an artist-in-residence at Headlands and other residencies, and the importance that walking holds within her artistic practice.

Humans Have Been Human for So Long: Shana Lutker and Mika Yoshitake in Conversation

By Mika Yoshitake

Curator Mika Yoshitake and artist Shana Lutker discuss Surrealist fightfights, making sense of the past through the lens of the contemporary, and the research process for Lutker’s exhibition Shana Lutker: Le “NEW” Monocle, Chapters 1–3 at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, DC (October 27, 2015–February 16, 2016), which was curated by Yoshitake.

Caitlin Masley-Charlet and Diana Shpungin in Conversation

By Caitlin Masley-Charlet
Caitlin Masley-Charlet, deputy director of Guttenberg Arts (Guttenberg, NJ), speaks with artist Diana Shpungin about her experiences as an artist-in-residence at Guttenberg Arts and other programs, artistic community, and the importance of having space for experimentation. This is the first conversation in a four-part series by Caitlin Masley-Charlet, focusing on artists who were recently in residence at Guttenberg Arts.

Two for One: robbinschilds in conversation with Dina Deitsch

By Dina Deitsch

In the final installment of her three-part interview series, curator Dina Deitsch speaks with robbinschilds about site, collaboration, and the process of creating Constructions I–IV, which was commissioned for the 2011 exhibition Temporary Structures: Performing Architecture in Contemporary Art at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum.

Mining the Postwar Japanese Vanguard: Miwako Tezuka Speaks with Doryun Chong

By Miwako Tezuka and Doryun Chong

I specialize in contemporary Japanese art, which basically means post-1945. While doing some ground research, I realized that in the history of post-1945 Japanese art, most research was done on Gutai in the 1950s in the Kansai area, the western region of Japan, and I noticed this gap on the activities in Tokyo.

InterAct: a reenacted interview

If the world’s a stage, then Liz Magic Laser becomes its director and all passersby are forced to perform. In 2009 Laser staged chase; the following year she produced Flight: in both works, action was registered on video and video begat action. To produce Interact, this project for Art Journal, Laser and her cast met at the East River Park Amphitheatre on two mornings last autumn: the first time to talk in the bleachers and the second time to relive the first conversation on stage.

David Wojnarowicz: Against His Vanishing

By Steven Dubin

David Wojnarowicz was thrust into the national spotlight in 1989 when the National Endowment for the Arts rescinded its financial support for the catalogue accompanying the exhibition Witnesses: Against Our Vanishing, curated by Nan Goldin for Artists Space.