Current Issue: Fall 2015

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Fall 2015
Fall 2015

Forum: Common Field

Lane Relyea
Alternative Space Movement 2.0: An Editor’s Note, 5

James McAnally
Rewilding: An Emerging History of Common Field, 8

Rachel Bers, Paul Bonin-Rodriguez, Shanai Matteson, Shannon Stratton, and Lane Relyea
Convening Common Field, 20

Stephanie Sherman (concept) and Deb Sokolow (drawing)
A Working Diagram of the Visual Arts Organizing Field, 48

Abigail Satinsky
Movement Building for Beginners, 50


Andrew McNamara on Paul Wood, Western Art and the Wider World; Sonal Khullar on InFlux: Contemporary Art in Asia, ed. Parul Dave-Mukherji, Naman P. Ahuja, and Kavita Singh; Sandra Skurvida on Hamid Keshmirshekan, Contemporary Iranian Art: New Perspectives, and Talinn Grigor, Contemporary Iranian Art: From the Street to the Studio; “Illuminating Pictures: Readings on Word + Image,” an annotated bibliography by Madeline Djerejian