Current Issue: Spring 2016

Spring 2016
Spring 2016

In This Issue

Rebecca M. Brown
Black Holes, Old Light, and Future Returns, 5

Artist’s Project

Julia Oldham
The Loneliest Place, 7

Roban Hultman Kramer
Peering into a Black Hole, 21


Emma Chubb
Small Boats, Slave Ship; or, Isaac Julien and the Beauty of Implied Catastrophe, 24

Natilee Harren
Fluxus and the Transitional Commodity, 44

Forum: Diversity and Difference

Jordana Moore Saggese
Introduction: Diversity and Difference, 70

Tobias Wofford
Whose Diaspora?, 74

T’ai Smith
The Problem with Craft, 80

Tina Takemoto
Queer Art / Queer Failure, 85

Camara Dia Holloway
Critical Race Art History, 89

Petra Kuppers
Diversity: Disability, 93

Jordana Moore Saggese, Camara Dia Holloway, T’ai Smith, Tina Takemoto, and Tobias Wofford
Beyond the Numbers Game: Diversity in Theory and Practice, 98


Alessandra Amin on Gil Z. Hochberg, Visual Occupations: Violence and Visibility in a Conflict Zone; Jay Murphy on Ros Murray, Antonin Artaud: The Scum of the Soul; Nicoletta Rousseva on Anthony Gardner, Politically Unbecoming: Postsocialist Art against Democracy

“The Arctic Plants of New York City,” an annotated bibliography by James Walsh