Current Issue: Spring 2018

Eric Dyer, detail of Shabamanetica #2, 2017, zoetrope-sculpture (artwork © Eric Dyer; photograph provided by the artist).

In This Issue

Rebecca M. Brown
A Precipitate, a Glance, 5


Luigia Lonardelli
Contemporanea: An Exhibition in an Underground Car Park, 6

Nika Elder
Lorna Simpson’s Fabricated Truths, 30

Steven Jacobs
Cinema, Surrealism, and Object Lessons: On Luc de Heusch’s 1960 Magritte ou la leçon des choses, 54

Artist’s Project: Eric Dyer
Material Motion, 71

Geeta Kapur, Saloni Mathur, and Rachel Weiss, 87–95

Artist’s Project: Annu Palakunnathu Matthew
The Virtual Immigrant, 102

Joe Madura on Jonathan David Katz and Rock Hushka, eds., Art AIDS America, and the exhibition Art AIDS America; Adair Rounthwaite on Amy Bryzgel, Performance Art in Eastern Europe since 1960; Glenn Adamson on Jenni Sorkin, Live Form: Women, Ceramics, and Community; and Amanda Boetzkes on Jane McFadden, Walter De Maria: Meaningless Work