Spring 2008, Vol. 67, No. 1

In This Issue

Judith F. Rodenbeck, The Science of the Concrete, 5

Artist’s Project

Lane Relyea, Debris and Immobility, 6

Heather Mekkelson, Debris Field, 9

Forum: Assemblage and Bricolage

Fall 2008

Julia Kelly, The Anthropology of Assemblage, 24

Anna Dezeuze, Assemblage, Bricolage, and the Practice of Everyday Life, 31

Jonathan Katz, “Committing the Perfect Crime”: Sexuality, Assemblage, and the Postmodern Turn in American Art, 38

Jaimey Hamilton, Arman’s System of Objects, 54

Jo Applin, Bric-a-Brac: The Everyday Work of Tom Friedman, 68

Patricio del Real, Slums Do Stink: Artists, Bricolage, and Our Need for Doses of “Real” Life, 82


From Reaching Heiligendamm: An Interview with Oliver Ressler, 100


Eric C. H. de Bruyn on David Joselit, Feedback: Television against Democracy; Dina Ramadan on Jessica Winegar, Creative Reckonings: The Politics of Art and Culture in Contemporary Egypt; T’ai Smith on McKenzie Wark, Gamer Theory, and Alexander Galloway and Eugene Thacker, The Exploit: A Theory of Networks