Fall 2008, Vol. 67, No. 3

In This Issue

Not Your Daddy’s Servo, 5


Fall 2008

María Fernández, Detached from HiStory: Jasia Reichardt and Cybernetic Serendipty, 6

Midori Yoshimoto, From Space to Environment: The Origins of Kankyō and the Emergence of Intermedia Art in Japan, 24

Yates McKee, The Public Sensoriums of Pulsa: Cybernetic Abstraction and the Biopolitics of Urban Survival, 46

Artist’s Project

Jordan Crandall, Showing, 68


Jonathan Thomas, Michael Haneke’s New(s) Images, 80

William Kaizen, Steps to an Ecology of Communication: Radical Software, Dan Graham, and the Legacy of Gregory Bateson, 86


Kaira M. Cabañas on Tom McDonough, “The Beautiful Language of My Century”: Reinventing the Language of Contestation in Postwar France, 1945–1968; Noah Chasin on Stanley Mathews, From Agit-Prop to Free Space: The Architecture of Cedric Price, and Felicity D. Scott, Architecture or Techno-Utopia: Politics after Modernism; and Ikem Stanley Okoye on Steven Nelson, From Cameroon to Paris: Mousgoum Architecture In and Out of Africa