Winter 2010, Vol. 69, No. 4

Art Journal winter 2010

In This Issue

Katy Siegel, Something Totally Unpredictable, 5


Kerry James Marshall, Adrift, Infinity, or Oblivion, from Dailies, Inside Cover

Kelly Baum, Santiago Sierra: How to Do Things with Words, 6

Forum: Land Use in Contemporary Art

Art Journal winter 2010

Kirsten Swenson, Land Use in Contemporary Art, 14

Janet Kraynak, The Land and the Economics of Sustainability, 16

Paul Monty Paret, The Aesthetics of Delay: eteam and International Airport Montello, 26

Emily Eliza Scott, Field Effects: Invisible-5‘s Illumination of Peripheral Geographies, 38


Fabian Marcaccio, Black Hole $ Paintant , 48

Chika Okeke-Agulu, Who Knows Tomorrow, 49, and Conversation with Zarina Bhimji, 66

Michel Oren, USCO: “Getting Out of Your Mind to Use Your Head”, 76

David Reed, Soul-Beating, 96

Jordan Troeller, Against Abstraction: Zoe Leonard’s Analogue, 108


Rachel Haidu on Christine Mehring, Blinky Palermo: Abstraction of an Era; Monica McTighe on Kate Mondloch, Screens: Viewing Media Installation Art; Lauren O’Neill-Butler on Lee Lozano, Lee Lozano: Notebooks 1967-70