Spring 2011, Vol. 70, No. 1

Art Journal Spring 20011

In This Issue

Katy Siegel, Race to the Finish, 5

Artist’s Project

Paul Sietsema, covers

Centennial Essay

Richard Shiff, Every Shiny Object Wants an Infant Who Will Love It, 6


Art Journal Spring 20011

Saloni Mathur, Charles and Ray Eames in India, 34

Christopher Bedford, Paul Sietsema, Peter Eleey, João Ribas, Bill Horrigan, Barbara London, Paul Chan, and Silvia Kolbowski, A Project, 54

Ken D. Allan, City of Degenerate Angels: Wallace Berman, Jazz, and Semina in Postwar Los Angeles, 70

Karen Kurczynski, Drawing Is the New Painting, 92


Michael Corris on Julia Bryan-Wilson, Art Workers: Radical Practice in the Vietnam War Era; Alzo David-West on Jane Portal, Art under Control in North Korea, and David Heather and Koen De Ceuster, North Korean Posters.