Fall 2009, Vol. 68, No. 3

In This Issue

Judith F. Rodenbeck, Models and Propositions, 5


Fall 2009

Hajime Nakatani, Imperious Griffonage: Xu Bing and the Graphic Regime, 6

Seth McCormick, Reiko Tomii, Hiroko Ikegami, Jeffrey Wechsler, and Midori Yoshimoto, with a response by Alexandra Munroe, Exhibition as Proposition: Responding Critically to The Third Mind, 30

Patricia Kelly, Jo Baer, Modernism, and Painting on the Edge, 52

Jane McFadden, Earthquakes, Photoworks, and Oz: Walter de Maria’s Conceptual Art, 68

Elyse Speaks, “We bring our lares with us”: Bodies and Domiciles in the Sculpture of Louise Bourgeois, 88


Clark Buckner on What Makes a Great Exhibition?, ed. Paula Marincola, Cautionary Tales: Critical Curating, ed. Steven Rand and Heather Kouris, and Curating Subjects, ed. Paul O’Neill; Marc James Léger on Gerald Raunig, Art and Revolution: Transversal Activism in the Long Twentieth Century, and Cultural Activism Today: The Art of Over-Identification, ed. BAVO; Soraya Murray on Database Aesthetics: Art in the Age of Information Overflow, ed. Victoria Vesna, and New Media in the White Cube and Beyond: Curatorial Models for Digital Art, ed. Christiane Paul