Spring 1999, Vol. 58, No. 1

Rethinking Studio Art Education

Guest edited by Pamela Wye

Program-Wide Initiatives

Spring 1999

Kate Morrison Catterall and Helen Maria Nugent, W.A.R.P.: A Radical Solution to Teaching Foundations, 4

Carol Becker, The Art of Crossing the Street, 10

G. Roy Levin, Art Education as Cultural Practice, 16

Traditional Genres

Olivia Gude, Color Coding, 21

Jean Robertson and Craig McDaniel, Resuscitating Painting, 27

Richard Roth, The Crit, 32

Linda Weintraub, The Studio Potential of the University Art Gallery, 36

Leslie Bostrom and Marlene Malik, Re–Viewing the Nude, 42

New Genres

Carolee Schneemann, Dream/Space/Object . . . Death/Mother/Bird, 49

Charles R. Garoian, Performance Art as Critical Pedagogy in Studio Art Education, 57

Andrea Zemel, Fine Arts 349: Community Collaborative and Public Art, 63

Timothy Allen Jackson, Ontological Shifts in Studio Art Education: Emergent Pedagogical Models, 68

Susan E. McKenna, Theory and Practice: Revisiting Critical Pedagogy in Studio Art Education, 74

Gaye Green, New Genre Public Art Education, 80


Sue Spaid, In the Spirit of Felix Gonzalez-Torres, 84

Winifrid McNeill, Telling the Truth: Perspective, Memory, and Narrative, 86

Patricia Wood, Swap Meet: A Cross-Cultural Lens Project, 87

Susanna Heller, The Thumbnail: A Project for Teaching a Visual Shorthand, 88

Margery Amdur, Rituals That Rewrite One’s Rules, 90

Saul Ostrow, Formal Notes and Abstract Thinking, 92


Robert Storr pn Florence Rubenfeld, Clement Greenberg: A Life; Holly J. Barnet on Latin American anthologies; James Scarborough on Gabrielle Münter; Stephen Eisenman on Theodor W. Adorno, Aesthetic Theory; Sue Taylor on books on prints; >Johanna Drucker on art and the digital revolution; Phyllis Tuchman on Mark Rothko; Henry Sayre on Amelia Jones, Body Art/Performing the Subject, Kathy O’Dell, Contract with the Skin: Masochism, Performance Art, and the 1970s; Anthony W. Lee on Leonard Folgarait, Mural Painting and Social Revolution in Mexico, 1920–1940: Art of the New Order; Ingrid Schaffner on Jo Anna Isaak, Feminism and Contemporary Art: The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Laughter