Accepting that ideas are developed and deployed in different ways, Art Journal and Art Journal Open publish in a wide range range of subjects, genres, and forms. These include scholarly articles, artists’ projects, interviews, portfolios, conversations, forums, speculations, pedagogical essays, working notes, and other projects.

Art Journal and Art Journal Open are edited independently, so there are two paths to publication. Artists, scholars, critics, curators, and other prospective contributors who share a passionate interest in modern and contemporary art, design, pedagogy, and visual culture are encouraged to submit work to either the website or journal.

For a list of what types of content Art Journal Open regularly publishes, see here.

Content for Art Journal Open is considered for publication separately from content for Art Journal. Art Journal Open publishes artist projects, texts, conversations, interviews, and experimental formats. Please send all Art Journal Open submissions and project proposals to:

Dr. Rebecca K. Uchill
Editor-in-Chief of Art Journal Open

CAA membership is not a requirement for publication. For questions of style for submissions to both Art Journal and Art Journal Open, please see the Art Journal and Art Journal Open Style Guidelines.

Articles should be accompanied by images, illustrations (with captions), or time-based media elements that are to be published with the text; artists’ projects should also include the visual or multimedia material intended for publication. All submissions should be accompanied by an abstract and a biographical statement of up to sixty words.

Please include a separate cover sheet for the project, which should include the author or artist’s name, postal and email address, and telephone number.

Art Journal Open does not accept unsolicited reviews.

A proposal for an artist’s project or other experimental use of the web platform should comprise a one-page written description and up to twenty sample images or other media. For proposals of new works of art, please send samples of comparable work. Include details of medium and format, along with complete caption information.

A proposal for an essay, dialogue, interview, or other text-based projects should include a one-page written description, a sample of the author’s writing, and the related visual or multimedia material intended for publication. If multiple authors are involved, the proposal must be accompanied by a signed letter from each contributor confirming their willingness to participate.

If the manuscript or proposal is accepted for publication, the author will need to supply image files promptly. CAA encourages authors to employ fair use for third-party works in copyright according to the principles and limitations outlined in CAA’s Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for the Visual Arts. It is the responsibility of the author to determine whether or not fair use may be invoked for third-party materials (authors will still need to obtain permission for third-party works that are not utilized under fair use).

After a manuscript or project is submitted to the Editor-in-Chief, it will be sent out for anonymous double-blind peer review. Click here for more details about Art Journal and Art Journal Open‘s double-blind peer review processes. After this process, the project may be returned to the author for revision.

After a manuscript is accepted, it is edited and proofread by CAA’s Associate Editor for Digital Publications and Editorial Director in accordance with The Chicago Manual of Style and CAA’s style guide. The copyedited manuscript is returned to the author for final corrections, to be made in track changes. The author will be asked to review the final proof of the text.

Authors are responsible for paying all fees incurred by the submission, including copyright permissions and photography. See more information regarding Art Journal Open‘s publishing contracts here.

For all information regarding submissions to the print quarterly Art Journal, please click here.