Summer 2001, Vol. 60, No. 2

In This Issue

John Alan Farmer


Caroline Arscott, 4

Network Society

Gregg Bordowitz, 6


Summer 2001

Connie Butler, Saskia Sassen, Gavin Hipkins, Lee Weng Choy, Allan Sekula, Flight Patterns, 9

Moira Roth, Obdurate History: Dinh Q. Lê, the Vietnam War, Photography, and Memory, 38

Simon Leung, Contemporary Returns to Conceptual Art: Renée Green, Silvia Kolbowski, and Stephen Prina, 54

Britta Erickson, Material Illusion: Adrift with the Conceptual Sculptor Zhan Wang, 72

Maura Reilly, The Drive to Describe: An Interview with Catherine Opie, 82


Margaret Honda, Chelonia Notes, 96


Rachel Baum on Mieke Bal, Quoting Caravaggio: Contemporary Art, Preposterous History; Alison McQueen on Richard Morphet, Encounters: New Art from Old; Danielle Carrabino on Joyce Scott, George Cisle, and Leslie King-Hammond, Joyce J. Scott: Kickin’ It with the Old Masters; Joyce Kozloff on Elaine Reichek, When This You See. . .; Mark H. C. Bessire on Emma Baker, ed., Contemporary Cultures of Display and Mary Anne Staniszewski, The Power of Display: A History of Exhibition Installations at the Museum of Modern Art ; Sydelle Rubin on Milly Heyd, Mutual Reflections: Jews and Blacks in American Art and Nicholas Mirzoeff, ed., Diaspora and Visual Culture: Representing Africans and Jews; Laura Auricchio on Bruce Mau, Lifestyle