Spring 2001, Vol. 60, No. 1

In This Issue

Janet A. Kaplan and John Alan Farmer, 3

Artist’s Project

Ellen Rothenberg, Restless Mobility, 4


Ellen K. Levy, 6

Network Society

Gregg Bordowitz, 10


Spring 2001

Jens Liebchen, Power Station for Art vs. Art for Power Station, 12

Amelia Jones, The Body and Technology: Geoffrey Batchen, Ken Gonzales-Day, Peggy Phelan, Christine Ross, Guillermo Gómez-Peña, 20

Lauri Firstenberg, Neo-Archival and Textual Modes of Production: An Interview with Glenn Ligon, 42

Sabine Marschall, Strategies of Accommodation: Toward an Inclusive Canon of South African Art, 50

Janet Berry Hess, Regulating/Representing the Body: South Africa. A Syllabus, 60

Anna Indych, Nuyorican Baroque: Pepón Osorio’s Chucherías, 72

Dorinda Neave, Meditations on Space and Time: The Performance Art of Japan’s Dumb Type, 84


Bailey Doogan, Logo Girls, 98


Jenny S. Spencer on Charles R. Garoian, Performing Pedagogy: Toward an Art of Politics; Jonathan Weinberg on Deborah Martin Kao, Laura Katzman, and Jenna Webster, Ben Shahn’s New York: The Photography of Modern Times and Susan Chevlowe, with contributions by Diana L. Linden, Stephen Polcari, Frances K. Pohl, and Howard Greenfeld, Common Man Mythic Vision: The Paintings of Ben Shahn; Gail Levin and John B. Van Sickle on Derek Walcott, Tiepolo’s Hound