Winter 2001, Vol. 60, No. 4

In This Issue

Janet A. Kaplan, 2


Keith Townsend Obadike, 4


Winter 2001

Joanna Roche, Performing Memory in Moon in a Tree: Carolee Schneemann Recollects Joseph Cornell, 6

Igor Zabel, Women in Black, 16

Laura Auricchio, Works in Translation: Ghada Amer’s Hybrid Pleasures, 26


John P. Bowles, Olu Oguibe, Karen Stevenson, Maurice Berger, Ellen Fernandez-Sacco, Adrian Piper, Blinded by the White: Art and History at the Limits of Whiteness, 38

Dermis P. Léon, Havana Biennial, Tourism: The Spectacle of Utopia, 68

Daniel Mire, ArchitorSpace—Via Cuba, 74


Patricia CroninWhat a Girl Wants, 90


David J. Getsy on Lynda Nead, Victorian Babylon: People, Streets, and Images in Nineteenth-Century London, and Deborah Cherry, Beyond the Frame: Feminism and Visual Culture, Britain 1850–1900, and David Peters Corbett and Lara Perry, eds., English Art 1860–1914: Modern Artists and Identity, Lida Tickner, Modern Life & Modern Subjects: British Art in the Early Twentieth Century; Theresa Leininger Miller on Petrine Archer-Shaw, Negrophilia: Avant-Garde Paris and Black Culture in the 1920s; Kathleen Spies on Beth Venn and Adam D. Weinberg, eds., Frames of Reference: Looking at American Art, 1900–1950: Works from the Whitney Museum of Art, David McCarthy, The Menil Collection, Pop Art: U.S./U.K. Connections, 1956–1966, with essays by David E. Brauer, Jim Edwards, Christopher Finch, and Walter Hopps, Pop Art: U.S./U.K. Connections, 1956–1966 and Postmodern Americans: A Selection; Sean Keller on Anthony Vidler, Warped Space: Art, Architecture, and Anxiety in Modern Culture