Spring 1998, Vol. 57, No. 1

The Reception of Christian Devotional Art

Editor’s Statement

Pamela M. Jones, The Reception of Christian Devotional Art: The Renaissance to the Present, 2


Spring 1998

Roger J. Crum, Facing the Closed Doors to Reception? Speculations on Foreign Exchange, Liturgical Difference, and the “Failure” of the Portinari Altarpiece, 5

Mitchell B. Merback, Torture and Teaching: The Reception of Lucas Cranach the Elder’s Martyrdom of the Twelve Apostles in the Protestant Era, 14

Gauvin Alexander Bailey, The Indian Conquest of Catholic Art: The Mughals, the Jesuits, and Imperial Mural Painting, 24

Sally M. Promey, The Afterlives of Sargent’s Prophets, 31

David Morgan, Domestic Devotion and Ritual: Visual Piety in the Modern American Home, 44

Annette Stott, Transformative Triptychs in Multicultural America, 55

Artists’ Pages

Devotion, edited by John Alan Farmer, 64


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