The 2023 Year in Review on Art Journal Open

Floor-to-ceiling glass columns containing melt ice removed from Icelandic glaciers, from Vatnasafn/Library of Water located in Stykkisholmur, Iceland, 2007

Editor’s Note
As we reflect on 2023, we look back on some of the most-read artists’ projects, interviews, and scholarly essays that sparked conversation and intellectual exchange on our open access platform. We thank our 2023 authors—a global gathering of artists, scholars, teachers, archivists, curators, and critics—and equally our editors and community of peer reviewers. Their thoughtful and often urgent contributions to Art Journal Open elevated our mission to promote contemporary art scholarship and practice that is invested in a more just and ethical world. Collectively, these most-read features offer new ways of seeing and responding to a present moment rife with challenges. They convey our desire to use, and at times reinvent, the tools of art and art history as we work to be better scholars, better teachers, and better makers.
—Grace Aneiza Ali

Contemporary Projects: A walk in downtown Los Angeles leads to a downloadable image (Ana Iwataki, July 6, 2023)
Pedagogies: The last in a series on post-pandemic pedagogy (Yael Rice, January 26, 2023)
Pedagogies: The latest installment of the “Hard Lessons” series looks at teaching through a trauma-aware lens (Allison Kim, March 30, 2023)
Book Reviews: Taking responsibility for the collective labor of making and holding memory (Katherine J. Lennard, June 16, 2023)
Conversations: Amelia Jones and the artist Cassils have a crosstown conversation about influences, practice, and moving beyond language (Cassils and Amelia Jones, February 9, 2023)
From Art Journal: How landscape photography came to represent an epidemic (Charles Keiffer, June 8, 2023)
Conversations: A conversation about climate change, aesthetics, and collaboration (Lisa E. Bloom, Elena Glasberg, and Thyrza Nichols Goodeve, March 9, 2023)