Summer 2005, Vol. 64, No. 2

In This Issue

Patricia C. Phillips, Questions of Seeing, 3


Summer 2005

Peter Erickson, Respeaking Othello in Fred Wilson’s Speak of Me as I Am, 4

Natalie Kosoi, Nothingness Made Visible: The Case of Rothko’s Paintings, 20

Peggy Phelan, Kevin Concannon, Irina D. Costache, Kathleen Desmond, David Little, and Steve Shipps, Art History Survey: A Round-Table Discussion (With a visual essay by Amy Papaelias), 32

Daniel Joseph Martinez and David Levi Strauss, After the End: A Modest Proposal, 52

Artist Project

Clifton Meador, Introduction: Tourist/Refugee, 61


Huey Copeland, “Bye, Bye Black Girl”: Lorna Simpson’s Figurative Retreat, 62

Sarah Kanouse, Touring the Archive, Archiving the Tour: Image, Text, and Experience with the Center for Land Use Interpretation, 78

Dora Apel, Torture Culture: Lynching Photographs and the Images of Abu Ghraib, 88


Nancy Um on Elaine H. Kim, Margo Machida, and Sharon Mizota, Fresh Talk/Daring Gazes: Conversations on Asian American Art; Andreas Neufert on Amy Winter, Wolfgang Paalen: Artist and Theorist of the Avant-Garde; Maura Coughlin on Suzaan Boettger, Earthworks: Art and the Landscape of the Sixties, and Mel Gooding and William Furlong, Artists, Land, Nature; David Kunzle on David Craven, Art and Revolution in Latin America, 1910–1990