Fall 2004, Vol. 63, No. 3

In This Issue

Patricia C. Phillips, Art and Risk, 3


Fall 2004

Alejandro Anreus, The Road to Dystopia: The Paintings of Antonia Eiriz, 4

Branislav Jakovljevic, Unframe Malevich!—Ineffability and Sublimity in Suprematism, 18

Artist Project

Eve Andrée Laramée, Netherzone: A Psychogeographical Farce, 32


Carrie Lambert, Other Solutions, 48

Patricia C. Phillips, A Parallax Practice: A Conversation with Elizabeth Diller and Ricardo Scofidio, 62

Laura Roulet, Ana Mendieta and Carl Andre: Duet of Leaf and Stone, 80


Benjamin Lima on Robert Plunket, Walker Evans: Florida, Andrei Codrescu, Walker Evans: Cuba, Andrei Codrescu, Walker Evans: Signs, Virginia-Lee Webb, Perfect Documents: Walker Evans and African Art, 1935, Clark Worswick and Belinda Rathbone, Walker Evans: The Lost Work, Jeff L. Rosenheim, Walker Evans: Polaroids, Luc Sante, Walker Evans, Maria Morris Hambourg, Jeff L. Rosenheim, Douglas Eklund, and Mia Fineman, Walker Evans, and Jeff L. Rosenheim and Douglas Eklund, Unclassified: A Walker Evans Anthology; >Paul Galvez on Carol Armstrong, Manet Manette; >Sarah Rogers on Veil: Veiling, Representation, and Contemporary Art, ed. David A. Bailey and Gilane Tawadros; Jeffrey Thompson on Gordon Matta-Clark, ed. Corinne Diserens; Karen Fraser on Anne Wilkes Tucker, Dana Friis-Hansen, Kaneko Ryûichi, and Takeba Joe, The History of Japanese Photography