Current Issue: Spring 2019

In This Issue

Jordana Moore Saggese
Art in the Present Tense, 5

Artist’s Project

Suné Woods
El Sol, 7


Samuel Dodd
Televising Architecture: Spatial Simulations and the “Scanning Finger,” 18

Paisid Aramphongphan
Reading Jack Smith’s The Beautiful Book Reparatively, 30

Claudia Calirman
Marginália in Brazil’s “Stone-Throwing Age,” 48

María Laura Rosa
Questions of Identity: Photographic Series by Alicia D’Amico, 1983–86, 66

Jodi Kovach
Remotely Mexican: The Critical Reception of Gabriel Orozco’s Mobile Matrix, at Home and Abroad, 88

grupa o.k. (J. Myers and J. Szupinska) on Harald Szeemann: Museum of Obsessions, ed. Glenn Phillips and Philipp Kaiser, with Doris Chon and Pietro Rigolo, the exhibitions Harald Szeemann: Museum of Obsessions and Grandfather: A Pioneer Like Us, and Harald Szeemann: Selected Writings, ed. Doris Chon, Glenn Phillips, and Pietro Rigolo; Duygu Demir on Angela Harutyunyan, The Political Aesthetics of the Armenian Avant-Garde: The Journey of the “Painterly-Real,” 1987–2004; and Jenni Sorkin on Julia Bryan-Wilson, Fray: Art and Textile Politics, 107.