Current Issue: Fall 2019

Director’s Letter
David Raizman

In This Issue
Jordana Moore Saggese
Roots and Rhizomes

Artist’s Project
Ranu Mukherjee
A completely matter of fact acceptance of the agency of nonhuman beings
of many kinds

Georgina G. Gluzman
Argentine Women Artists at the Turn of the Twentieth Century:
Their Careers and Critical Fortunes

Analisa Leppanen
“I’d Like to Dance Like a Madman”: Flamenco and Surrealism

Ceren Özpınar
Recontextualizing Gülsün Karamustafa’s Shield:
The Politics of Writing Feminist Art Histories in Turkey

Benjamin Olin
Sculpting the Teleculture: Franklin Street Arts Center and the
Live Injection Point

Philip Glahn and Cary Levine
The Future Is Present: Electronic Café and the Politics of Technological Fantasy

Object Lesson
Jamee Crusan
Hopeless Acts of Mourning

Ranu Mukherjee
Monkey’s Fist

Tess Korobkin on Charles White: A Retrospective, exhibition and accompanying book; Karen Kurczynski on the exhibition Lost, Loose and Loved: Foreign Artists in Paris 1944–1968; Edith A. G. Wolfe on Kaira M. Cabañas, Learning from Madness: Brazilian Modernism and Global Contemporary Art, and Sarah J. Townsend, The Unfinished Art of Theater: Avant-Garde Intellectuals in Mexico and Brazil; and Ying Zhou on Jenny Lin, Above Sea: Contemporary Art, Urban Culture, and the Fashioning of Global Shanghai