Current Issue: Fall-Winter 2017

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In This Issue

Rebecca M. Brown
Tropes, Variants, Openings, Possibilities, 6


Huey Copeland and Krista Thompson
Afrotropes: A User’s Guide, 7

Allison K. Young
Visualizing Apartheid Abroad: Gavin Jantjes’s Screenprints of the 1970s, 10

Tim Stott
How Things Grow: Gabriel Orozco’s The Samurai Tree: Invariants (2005), 32

Curating New Openings: Rethinking Diversity in the Gallery

Amanda Cachia
Curating New Openings: Rethinking Diversity in the Gallery, 48

Fayen d’Evie
The Radical Potential of Blindness, 51

Artwork: Christine Sun Kim
Introduced by Matana Roberts, 54

Eliza Chandler
Reflections on Cripping the Arts in Canada, 56

Sara Reisman
Health as a Means of Access, 60

Amanda Cachia
The Flesh of the World: An Empirical Turn toward Complex Embodiment, 68

Artwork: Nadia Myre

Introduced by Rhonda L. Meier, 76

Artwork: Firelei Báez
Introduced by Franklin Sirmans, 78

Amanda Cachia and Naima J. Keith
Curating California: Expanding African American Art, 80

Artwork: Gender/Power
Introduced by Kris Grey and Maya Ciarrocchi, 86

Jonathan D. Katz

Why I Hate Diversity, 88

Matt Smith and Catherine Flood
Disobedient Curating: Matt Smith Speaks with Catherine Flood, 92

Helena Reckitt
Generating Feminisms: Italian Feminisms and the “Now You Can Go” Program, 101

Amanda Cachia and Massimiliano Gioni
Curating Loose Definitions: Inspiration “outside” the Canon, 112

Artwork: Alison O’Daniel
Introduced by Anne Ellegood, 120

Artists’ Project
Deirdre Logue and Allyson Mitchell, with Heidi Cho and Morgan Sea
#silence=violence, 122


“Naturalcultural Wonders to Anthropocene Disasters: A Bibliography for Possibility Aesthetics,” by Andrew Yang, 126

Nicole L. Woods on Lisa G. Corrin and Corinne Granof, eds., A Feast of Astonishments: Charlotte Moorman and the Avant-Garde, 1960s–1980s, and the exhibition A Feast of Astonishments: Charlotte Moorman and the Avant-Garde, 1960s–1980s; Robert Slifkin on Peter Weibel, ed., Lynn Hershman Leeson: Civic Radar, and the exhibition Lynn Hershman Leeson: Civic Radar; and Jennifer Griffiths on Paul B. Preciado, Teresa Grandas, and Anne Dressen, The Passion according to Carol Rama/La passione secondo Carol Rama